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Transfert Performance Sportive (TPS) Conseil is a consulting company which was founded in 1989. Since then, it has become an essential reference in the field of sport in France, supporting most decision-makers in the sector as well as their partners in the realization of their projects.

The consulting firm is committed to promoting the decompartmentalization of skills and experiences by bringing together executives from the sporting, territorial and business worlds. This approach allows TPS Conseil to bring an innovative vision and cutting-edge expertise in supporting its clients.

TPS Conseil also helps managers from other sectors of activity to develop projects related to sport. With particular attention paid to the commitment of employees and citizens, participation in the health and education of all as well as financial profitability, TPS Conseil works with influential figures to mobilize current issues in sport.


  • Grow notoriety
  • Create new partnerships
  • Generate leads to the website
  • Manage and promote your events


  • Réalisation d’une stratégie de communication
  • Gestion des réseaux sociaux
  • Analyse statistique
  • Curation de contenu
  • Gestion et animation d’événements 
  • Réalisation de newsletters 
  • Création de visuels
  • Gestion de site web

Client Results

Linkedin suscribers

Promotion of the Sports and Management Trophees

Promotion of the Surf Course

Here’s a concise description highlighting the visual strategy for the team management course marketing materials, suitable for your portfolio:

For this professional team management course targeting corporate audiences, we implemented a refined, business-oriented visual approach. The visuals featured clean, minimalist compositions with an emphasis on professional aesthetics, distinguished from typical colorful imagery.

Aligning with the brand’s identity, we maintained the signature two-tone blue color scheme as a cohesive thread throughout the materials. This understated yet impactful palette combined with the pared-down visuals effectively conveyed a sense of professionalism and credibility.

The purposeful use of negative space and sparse design elements created a visually striking contrast, allowing the core content and messaging to take center stage. This strategic visual direction positioned the course as a premium, business-focused offering while still resonating with the brand’s established identity.


Let’s make something amazing together


Montpellier, France