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Maison Guermont


MAISON GUERMONT is a habitable and performative sculpture in the heart of New Athens, the cradle of Romanticism in Paris, between the residence of Wagner and that of Cocteau created by the engineer and artist Milène Guermont.


  • Develop your notoriety
  • Create new partnerships
  • Generate leads to the website
  • Create a brand identity
  • Réalisation d’une stratégie de communication
  • Gestion des réseaux sociaux
  • Analyse statistique
  • Création de visuels
  • Conseil sur le choix du Logo 

Counsel on Brand Identity 


Milène had a graphic designer on her team giving her many options of designs. During the meeting from the extract above, she included her own design she had drawn up. The Graphic designers creations were esthetic and elegant, but Milenes just made more sens to me. It aligned better, with her brand, her vision, her personality. She expressed to me that she also felt the most confident with her own design. Simple yet effective Maison Guermont’s logo presents a house – home to creativity, passion, innovation – and a Pyramid – representing her previous artwork, a pyramid sculpture – that inspired the creation of Maison Guermont.

Moral of the story, simple yet effective designs can express more emotion and correspond better to brand identity than a more sophisticated one. 


The video’s outro begins with the pyramid at the center, and the house then builds up around it, symbolizing Maison Guermont taking source in her previous pyramidal artworks Phares and Pyramidion

Let’s make something amazing together


Montpellier, France