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Marbrerie des Yvelines


La Marbrerie des Yvelines (MDY) is a French company specializing in the production and processing of natural and composite stones for various applications such as interior decoration, construction, renovation and funerary monuments. Founded in 1947, it has acquired recognized expertise in stone working and the manufacturing of custom products. MDY offers a wide choice of quality materials, ranging from marble, granite, quartz, limestone and slate, to innovative composite materials. It has a workshop equipped with cutting-edge machines and a team of qualified craftsmen to carry out tailor-made projects, from the simplest to the most complex. MDY is aimed at individuals, architects, interior designers, construction companies and communities, offering solutions adapted to their needs and their budgets.


  • Grow notoriety
  • Generate leads to the website
  • Communication strategy
  • Social media management
  • Statistical analysis
  • Creation of visuals
  • Creation of a website
  • Modernization of the brand image and website

Instagram Website

Implemented a visually striking 3×3 grid layout on Instagram, featuring curated images showcasing the client’s luxurious finished projects from multiple angles. Spotlighted use of premium materials like granite and marble to convey sophistication and quality craftsmanship. Effective visual storytelling strategy aligned with Instagram’s engaging, image-driven platform.

New Website

Here’s a succinct description for your portfolio highlighting the strategy used in managing the developer team for the MDY website project:

Led a cross-functional developer team in conceptualizing and building MDY’s new website. Implemented agile methodologies and collaborative workflows to ensure seamless coordination among developers. Conducted regular review sessions to maintain alignment with design vision and brand guidelines. Prioritized performance optimization, responsiveness, and intuitive UX across devices. Leveraged version control and continuous integration for efficient development cycles.

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Montpellier, France